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Warrior conducts its business via the following phases:

1 Briefing ... When a client chooses to use Warrior they need to produce a written brief.  This is simply a description of    the desired features of the product including technical, aesthetic and performance issues.

2 Estimation ... Warrior then estimates the resources required to complete the project ie to turn the Brief into the    finished product.

3 Specification ... In order to refine the estimation that is based only on the brief, Warrior will then produce a    specification of the product.  A specification is more precise than a brief because it is made with knowledge of the    specific technical issues involved in producing the client's product.

4 Re-estimation ... After the spec is produced, Warrior is able to estimate to cost of the project to a much greater level    of accuracy.  This estimation becomes the basis of a payment schedule.

5 Commencement ... Once the re-estimation is agreed to by the client, Warrior will commence work on the project.  It    is standard policy to require an up-front payment for commencement.  Depending on the size of the project this may    be up to 50% of the total cost of the project.

6 Milestones ... Every project has it's milestones; the number of them depending on the size of the project.  Typically,    for an average project these will be:
      1 50% Up-front Payment
      2 Client Review
      3 50% Final Payment
      4 Product Delivery

7 Changes ... While changes to a specification after commencement are not desirable, Warrior realises that they may    be inevitable.  Changes range from minor cosmetic alterations through to such major changes that they may as well    be considered a new project!  Warrior charges for such changes accordingly.  Clients are required to request changes    via a form supplied by Warrior.

8 Delivery ... Your product is ready!! In this phase, the product is delivered, to the specifications agreed to by both the    client and Warrior.  In this phase thefinal payment is required.

9 Support ... Warrior will make every reasonable attempt to ensure that the product has been delivered to the client's    satisfaction.  If support for the product is implicitly required, such support will be considered as part of the project as a    whole.  That is, if there are special requirements of a product, for example that it is to function for an extended period    of time (pre-empting new operating systems browsers, etc) then they are to be made clear at the initial briefing    process.

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