Please consider and answer the following questions to critically evaluate your web presence:
(You may then wish to print the result to compare with a later result.)

your brand name:
your web address:


Did you set clear objectives for your lnternet use?

Have you met the objectives you set?

Does your site have a clear target audience in mind?

Is your lnternet use an integrated part of your company's overall Marketing, Financial, ERP,
Channel Management or Internal Communication plans?

Do you have procedures in place for updating your site?


Do you expect to make money from your web presence?

Has your utilisation of lnternet technology saved your company money?

Does the web site answer the questions expectations most users want answered by the site?

How easy is it for an interested user to make contact with your company via your site?

Not including automated responses, do you respond rapidly to an email request for information from your site?

Do you employ methods for driving traffic to your site?


Does the site protect your corporate brand? If you deleted all logos and text referring to the brand name,
how easily would the users recognise the site as belonging to your company?

How much of your site would you consider to be interactive?

How easy is it for the user to return to the home index pages from anywhere on the site?

How easy is it to navigate around the site?

Does you web site link to other web sites, which are not related to your company?


How do you measure your site performance (select all which apply)?

How do you measure your site performance (select all which apply)?

Do you collect any data on individual users of your site?

Is this data used in site personalisation or customisation?

Do you adapt your web presence in light of ongoing measurement?