I have worked the last 10 years as a development team leader, an IT project manager, and a business analyst. During that time many information systems have been successfully proposed, analysed, built, tested, implemented and maintained by myself and teams led by me, to the satisfaction of clients.

Essentially I am an experienced IT project manager who likes to make good things happen and make the process fun. While effectively applying project management disciplines I operate as a catalyst for good results, job pride and interpersonal harmony.

The last projects worked on have been internet projects. Job experience and the last two years of university study in digital media have increased my knowledge and enthusiasm in internet and interactive design.

I believe my main strength is in being able to successfully co-ordinate technical, creative and business people, through effective communication and relationship building.

I now look forward to new project assignments allied to the internet or interactive media, to which I can apply my enthusiasm, abilities and experience.