Job History

Project Manager - Dept. of Commerce         April 2004 to Oct 2004

Implementation Manager for the Government Licencing System, a whole-of-government internet system designed to amalgamate numerous licensing systems administered by various NSW Government Departments.  To integrate all these systems within one internet system would save taxpayers an estimated $70 million in paperwork and infrastructure costs.  I was contracted to prepare for a successful implementation.

GLS is an internet system built in SIEBEL.  It is a three tier architecture using (Java Applets/HTML) for the presentation layer, SIEBEL for the business rules layer and SQL Server for the data layer.

Project Manager - State Rail Authority         September 2002 to October 2003

I project managed the development and delivery of the Timetable Publication System "TPS" for the Train Planning business area within the SRA.  TPS is to be the official publishing portal of electronic train timetables for downstream train running systems.  It contains extra functional features for train planning business and is designed to support improved workflow processes.  I worked with a combination of contract and permanent staff.

It is built in a three tier architecture using JSP (Java Applets/HTML) for the presentation layer, EJB for the business rules layer and ORACLE 9i for the data layer.  The project had definite dead line constraints and was fast tracked by using a prototyping approach.  Careful management of risks with this approach has proved successful in reaching this deadline as well as engaging ownership with the users of the new system.

Development Team Leader - Prowess           February 2001 to February 2002

Working on a client site I performed as a team leader to a group of 10 programmers. The client's business is rewards points associated with consumer spending.

The team provided technical support to a points reward system whose processing volumes were equivalent to major Australian banks. Maintenance support of existing systems and the development of new ones were coded and tested by the team. Systems required constant adjustment to accommodate new marketing programs. New systems required customisation to comply with client requirements. They were developed as projects with critical delivery dead lines.

I was responsible for task allocation and management, code administration, co-ordination of problem solving, maintenance billing, and team morale. Technologies used were Sysbase Database, Powerbuilder, Power Designer, Jaguar component server, Microsoft SQL Server, Sourcesafe, and NT on a Novell network.

Project Manager - Peakhour                                           March 2000 to June 2000

Peakhour is an innovative Internet/Application Service Provider that provides small to medium businesses with packages of server end computer facilities.

During a 3 month contract I was responsible for the management of 10 COM developers who provided the core programming behind the site that connected to ONYX and SQL data bases.  Also I project managed the building of several site features and managed some of their releases into production.

During this time we worked collaboratively with all site building contributors in a rapid application development environment.

Project Manager - Perpetual Australia        May 1997 to November 1999

Perpetual’s business primarily concerns the management of investment assets on behalf of it’s clients.  I have co-ordinated various initiatives to deliver IT systems to support this business.

Among several others, the following projects were managed:

Supersmart” Web Site - this web site is designed to market Perpetual’s superannuation services.  It provides secure access to approved clients and agents to asset information.  It also provides information and links to assist those who wish have a hand in their own investment.

Retail Custody - a system to manage and track client investment assets incorporating ASX business rules.  It was built in MS Visual Basic with an Oracle database.

Renovation of IT Intranet Pages - The need to revise the IT intranet pages was identified in a process improvement programme as a key project essential to improved client relations.  I successfully completed revised pages that were immediately implemented on sponsor acceptance.

Time Recording and Project Costing system - two versions of a time recording system for organisational staff have been delivered. The system provided a means to track project and non-project effort accross the organisation. This was also built using Visual Basic and Oracle.

Project Manager, I.T. Services - WorkCover Authority   August 1990 to 1998

I project managed the implementation of “office automation” throughout the WorkCover Authority; an organisation responsible for workers’ compensation, occupational health and safety, and vocational rehabilitation in NSW.  About 1000 staff, of various computer experience and location now use electronic mail and a WAN that connects all the offices in NSW.

Prior to this I worked as a systems/business analyst managing the production of various information systems which met WorkCover’s business needs.  Working in project teams composed of users, user managers, programmers and various IT specialists, information systems were defined, modelled, constructed and implemented in accordance with a formal methodology. (Please see Career Achievements for details)

Director, IT Services - WorkCover Authority        July 1989 to August 1990

During this period I acted as the Director of WorkCover's Computer Service Division which serviced the Authority's information system needs.  WorkCover’s environment then was a NAS 800 with IBM’s MVS operating system with CICS tso about 300 stand alone PCs and one LAN. I was responsible for about 15 technical staff, a budget of around 3 million.